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A few thoughts ahead of Spa

As Aston Martin Racing prepares to embark on a new era with the new Aston Martin Vantage GTE, here are Darren Turner's thoughts ahead of the first race:

"Since testing of the new Vantage GTE began in August last year, everyone in the team has been looking forward to this moment. We have completed many miles in testing and already feel confident with the performance of the new car. I’m so excited about Spa where we finally get the chance to go up against the competition."

"From everything we have seen in testing, we have a very good car. It feels good behind the wheel and that is always a good sign that you have a great race car. The hardest thing when you have a new car is knowing where you stack up against the competition. A podium with the car first time out would be incredible and we go there believing that is possible."

"It’s always massively exciting when you have a new car. We had some incredible high points with the old Vantage last year but right now I’ve never felt such a buzz within Aston Martin Racing and I cannot wait to get to Le Mans this year to see how well the new Vantage performs there."

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